We are experiencing the biggest Lockdown of this century, a lockdown which was called for 21 days has reached the 14th day. 2 weeks done, one more week to go. While the reason behind lockdown, Coronavirus is showing no signs of a decrease in the spread, Europe is continuing to suffer this pandemic, the USA accounts for 27.5% cases in total cases across the globe. This figure is worrying as numbers are increasing very quickly, also President Trump is in no mood to support Lockdown.

As things stand, India crossed 5,000 cases today. Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu are the most hit states. Things changed rapidly in the last week with Nizamuddin Markaz emerging as a very big hotspot. It was an unexpected rise in the cases for India. All we can do is to stick to the rules laid down for lockdown and ensure that you or I don’t be the chain creators, instead, we need to be chain breakers.

So, 14 days are back in books of history. We have 7 more days to go. All those who are free from work from home and those who don’t have any work must be feeling bored. Though social media challenges, playing Ludo and Baking Cakes is helping people, still, there is enough time for us to spend. I have in the last 14 days found sometimes even with work from home and have watched some amazing message-oriented movies. I wish to share them with you all and hope you will watch them. I will be sharing 5 movies which will melt your heart and you may end up being some best movies you have ever watched.

Note: The list of movies I am going to share is genre-specific. Please don’t blame me if you are a Thriller, Horror, Action genre addict 😉

  1. I am Kalam – Story of a boy hails from Rajasthan. The land of Rajput’s sees a friendship between a Royal Family Kid and a Tea Seller Kid. Chotu (tea seller) after watching Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, decides strongly to become like him. For which he needs to join School, will he join School? Will the Royal Family accept Chotu’s friendship? The beauty of a Movie. Do watch.
  2. Dhanak – Sweet movie which will make you cry at the end. Another Rajasthani shot movie of two siblings. The interesting script is that Chotu (blind kid) is a huge fan of Salman Khan and his elder sister Pari is a fan of SRK. Pari’s only wish is to gift a vision for his brother before his 9th Birthday. Will SRK be the hero or Sallu Bhai help? Watch it and I bet you will love it.
  3. Bumm Bumm Bole – Remember Ishan Awasthi from Tare Zameen Par. This is his second movie. Pinu is born in a very poor yet hard-working family. His sister Rimzim is a treat to watch. Pinu accidentally loses Rimzim’s shoe and the is deeply upset. In the end, the father purchases brand new shoe for both of them. Still, Pinu is unhappy. Why? Prime Video will answer you.
  4. Tahaan – A story of a young boy from Kashmir and his Donkey. Tahaan an 8-year-old boy sees a best friend in donkey named Birbal. He calls him so cutely as ‘Birbala’. Shot in Kashmir, the movie gives you a view of the scenic beauty of Kashmir and the violent militants. Will Tahaan get back his Donkey who is sold in place of loan? Tahaan will teach you many things.
  5. Rough Book – A slow movie but has many things to learn for a Teacher and the education system. The movie that shows how the textbook learning is redundant and how any new technology can be of no help in learning. Santoshi a teacher who joins a new school and is given ‘D’ section to teach. IIT-JEE exam is some days away. Will D Section chaps clear it?

These are the movies that I am suggesting you guys watch. Also, please suggest any such movies you feel I need to watch. Have fun, Stay Home and Stay Safe!