Bali – The King of Indra Loka eys fall on a short & radiant Vamana. King gets mesmerised and decides to begin the gifting process with Vamana. Seeing Bali move closer to Vamana, Shukracharya gets worried. He understands who Vamana is. Guru Shukracharya calls Bali asked and, unwilling Bali rushes to Shukracharya. Shukracharya tells ‘Oh Bali, can’t you see the person? He is none other than Sri Maha Vishnu, he has come here to take back Indra Loka. Think before you give something’. Bali nods his head and says ‘Guruji, If it’s Maha Vishnu then I am the luckiest, I’m his avid worshipper. My grandfather ‘Prahalad’ is his favourite disciple.

Shukracharya says ‘You are stupid. If you disobey me you will lose all that you earned’.

Bali goes to Vamana. He requests Vamana to put forth his wishes. ‘I want three feet land’ says Vamana. Bali is surprised by the wish. You can ask me for gold, land, people, money etc, why do you want only 3-feet land? Vamana sticks to his small wish. Bali then agrees to the wish of Vamana and begins the process of giving him the gift. As per the traditions, before gifting somebody, you have to clean their feet and seek blessings.

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Bali picks up ‘Kamandal’ – a jug like structure and tries pouring water on Vamana’s feet. But water doesn’t come out. Shukracharya takes the form of ‘honey bee’ and sits on the hole blocking water flow. Vamana knew who is creating this problem. He takes a grass piece and pokes it into the hole, it gets pierced into Shukracharya’s left eye. He flys out. Seeing this, Bali gets angry but he is in no position to demean his Guru.

Water is now poured on Vamana’s feet and as he washes, the foot starts increasing in size. The foot size increasing so big that it’s bigger than ‘Earth’. Vamana puts one foot on earth and second on Sky. But there’s no space for third feet. Where should I put the third one? says Vamana. Bali says I have nothing else other than my head, I request you to place it there. That way, Vamana pushes Bali to his place, ‘Pathala Loka’. Bali happily goes back to his kingdom, realises his mistake and starts ruling Pathala. Indra becomes the New King of Swarga Loka, Aditi is happy… But Sri Maha Vishnu is not. He feels there has been an injustice committed just based on the ‘origin’.

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Vamana’s Journey to Vaikuntam takes a halt in Pathala Loka

Vamana is feeling bad for what happened and wants penance for it. So, instead of going to Vaikuntam, he goes to Pathala Loka. He turns into a normal human and joins as the bodyguard of Bali. In Vaikuntam, Sri Maha Laxmi feels lonely. She also decides to go to Pathala Loka. She reaches Bali and says ‘I don’t have my husband, he left me and went somewhere but hasn’t returned yet’. Bali develops a sisterly feeling in Laxmi, he makes her as the Incharge of maids. That way both Sri Maha Vishnu & Sri Maha Laxmi are serving Bali as a penance!

One day Laxmi is devotionally praying Maha Vishnu. Bali sees this and he is overjoyed. As soon as she opens her eyes, Bali greets her and says I’m very happy that you are praying Maha Vishnu. Praying to Maha Vishnu is not an ordinary thing in Pathala Loka, because it is Rakshasa Loka and people generally don’t pray Vishnu. Impressed by her prayers, Bali says what do you want? I want to fulfil any wishes of yours. No matter how big or how difficult!

Our Home is Vaikuntam – We need to reach there as early as possible!

Sri Maha Laxmi says, ‘Whatever I need, it’s only possible for you. If you give me that, I’ll be the happiest’. Bali is clueless, ‘What you are talking, I don’t understand. But yes, tell me I can give it without any hesitation’. Laxmi says, ‘I want you to send my husband with me’. She then points at his bodyguard and tells him that he is my husband. Bali is like, ‘Okay, you can always go, but why don’t you both stay here, work and live happily?’.

Laxmi then confesses the truth, ‘Our home is Vaikuntam and to live happily we need to go to Vaikuntam’. Suddenly both turn into their original avatars and there is radiance all over Pathala Loka. Bali falls at their feet and feels sad. ‘Why were you helping me? I am just a disciple’.   Sri Maha Vishnu says ‘Bali, In the name of justice you were presented injustice. It was Justice for Indra but injustice for you. Something that was not supposed to happen. Which is why we both were doing penance for that’.

Vishnu continues ‘So here is my promise to you, I give you the word. After Indra, you will be the next Indra. You will rule the Indra Loka and you will be an example for many’ After this, Sri Maha Vishnu leaves to Vaikuntam. Life turns the tide for Bali. After successfully ruling Pathala Loka, the time finally comes for him. Bali officially becomes the first and only King from ‘Rakshasa clan’ to rule Indra Loka and thus becomes the FIRST INDRA of rakshasas.