‘Media’ which is promoted and publicized as the fourth estate. But that’s not the truth in the 21st century. We have seen the downfall of the media agencies in the last few years. To the extent that nobody would’ve ever expected. The liberal gang would say it’s purely because of the Right Wing Govt that the news agencies have turned disobedient and are enjoying the free run. On the other side, Right Wing is seen blaming the channels which are pro leftists. With very little knowledge in the field of journalism, I think things have certainly changed after 2014 elections but not to the levels that some journos are attempting to explode.

The Death of Journalism

The Death of Traditional Journalism. | by Joy Os | Medium

We will have to first accept the fact of how the media itself as a tool of communication has changed over the years. We have come a long way from Radio to Television. The latest in social media. Thanks to Jio and the lowest data costs in the entire world, Indians have the source and the resource. But the minds that are running the media agencies are running their agenda. If you carefully observe, there is a difference between the real truth and orchestrated truth.

Whether it is in favour of the Govt or against. The latest story is the blame game started by the Congress on favouritism shown by Facebook for BJP during elections. Once again, who is right or wrong is the answer that time will tell or the power will tell. Having said all this, the problems, issues will never stop. There will be a new issue hitting headlines every single day and the blame game will just change its hands but not the course.

The Economy is gone for a toss, Media Trials of actors or for that matter any citizen, PR for selected individuals all these are the final symptoms of dead journalism. Unfortunately, we have seen all this and things aren’t looking to change anytime soon1

I have a different view on this…

Journalism is just like that not expected to act as Fourth Estate. It is because the freedom of speech is exercised by the people in democracy and the duty of Media is to report it as it is. But this is not the case in the present days. Agenda is more important than the news. Views are extremely crucial than the content delivered.

Only if the news channels start acting like news tellers and not storytellers, things will change. Otherwise, the story will remain the same and sooner or later the idea of journalism will be mere entertainment. By the way, I don’t see comedy channels doing a lot of business, instead of the number of Indian Hindi news channels are drawing big cheques due to high viewership.

I hope against the hope that the journalists will do justice their title. Irestmycase!!!