The 2010s finally comes to an end.

If you had asked me in 2010, I would’ve never thought that I would be writing something today. Never knew what was in the store, anyways the decade is coming to an end. A decade that has seen a huge change in India. May it be Politics, Economy, Technology, Education, Climate and much more.

So, here I am, to write something on the very last day of the decade. Nothing better than ending the decade with a short write-up. Long-time no see kind of a feeling for me when I thought of writing about the Stock Market. There have been plenty of look-backs and reviews written on various topics, like Sports, Politicians, Economy, Movies etc; I then thought why not a review of Stock Market, so in this post, I will look at the performance of the Stock Market for the last 10 years.

Nifty and Sensex made huge gains!

For the decade of 2010 to 2019, Nifty and Sensex have both seen close to 135% gains. Nifty moved from 5,200 levels in Jan 2010 to 12,250 levels in December 2019. SENSEX has seen movement from 17,464 to 41,550 levels in December 2019. This decade has been special for Indian Stock Markets for multiple reasons.

We have seen some heavy investments coming from the Foreign Investors. India has become the favourite emerging market destination for investors. Indian markets have seen a rapid increase in the derivatives trading by both Foreign and Domestic Investors. From 1.74 lakh crores in 2010, derivatives trading turnover surged to 30 lakh crores. There has been a 1700% increase in trading turnover.

Such high turnover increase generates huge turnover to the country and as well shows the intent of risk-taking ability by the market traders.

HDFC Bank, Nestle, Reliance, TCS, Maruti are some of the outstanding stocks in Nifty Index.

Top stocks in Nifty 50 are listed below:

Name of Company Jan-10 Dec-19 % Gain
HDFC Bank 167.98 1282.15 663.28
Nestle 2517.54 14851.9 489.94
TCS 373.16 2183.2 485.06
Maruti Suzuki 1420.13 7416.25 422.22
ICICI Bank 153.97 543.95 253.28
Reliance 539.25 1544.2 186.36


  • HDFC Bank has been an amazing stock for investors. This stock has given the highest returns in the Nifty50 and for every entry point, there has been a rich exit for the investors. Imagine you purchased 10 shares of HDFC Bank in the year 2010 and today your investment would’ve turned 660% higher.
  • Similarly, Nestle, TCS, and Maruti have given more than 400%. All these large-cap stocks have performed brilliantly. All the efforts put in by the company heads and their competitive nature has turned fruitful for the investors.

Remember that it’s so crucial to invest in the right stock. Which isn’t as easy as it looks like, because at the hindsight things look so easy but the those with ability to take the risk, hold on patiently can only win the battle of investments and come out winners. Don’t get startled that it’s only the 10%-20% people who make money in the stock market, that % goes even down when you take to trading. Picking up stock is a rigorous process as it can get and it must be done carefully.

Similarly, let’s look at the returns of stocks from different sectors:

NIFTY IT Stock Name Jan-10 Dec-19 % Gain
HCL Tech 90.68 569.3 527.81
NIIT Tech 179.64 1586.4 783.10
Mindtree 173.6 799.7 360.66
Tech Mahindra 247.8 782.7 215.86
Wipro 154.8 248.95 60.82


NIFTY AUTO Stock Name Jan-10 Dec-19 % Gain
Bajaj Auto 827.63 3251.95 292.92
MRF 6106.51 66252.4 984.95
TVS Motors 36.59 478.4 1207.46
Eicher Motors 611.63 22784.5 3625.21
Bosch 4869.16 15690.45 222.24
Ashok Leyland 26.37 81.8 210.20


NIFTY FMCG Stock Name Jan-10 Dec-19 % Gain
HUL 259.684 1923 640.52
Dabur 80.75 458.4 467.68
Emami 87.45 309.9 254.37
United Spirits 259.74 599.55 130.83
Jubilant Foodworks 115.83 1652.3 1326.49
ITC 84.07 237.7 182.74


NIFTY BANK Stock Name Jan-10 Dec-19 % Gain
Axis Bank 207.56 754.1 263.32
IndusInd Bank 145.64 1531.4 951.50
Kotak Bank 203.5 1690.4 730.66
Federal Bank 25.87 87.55 238.42
City Union Bank 20.06 234.85 1070.74


NIFTY MIDCAP 100 Stock Name Jan-10 Dec-19 % Gain
Bharat Forge 140.84 491.5 248.98
Cholamandalam 55.92 502.55 798.69
Apollo Tyres 53.66 165 207.49
Bata India 97.94 1751.55 1688.39
Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation 29.96 1038.95 3367.79
Pfizer 929.46 4224.7 354.53
Godrej Properties 239.29 988.3 313.01


Yes, it’s not what all it looks like here in the post. The battle is tough, but the winner is only the one who has got the skills. Wonderful is that we have some excellent Equity Advisory companies and Mutual Fund companies which help you in investing in the Stock Market. Those who aren’t free or skilful to invest on own can always consult these agencies.

But for those who are in their 20s and would be in late or early 30s by the end of this decade, I prefer and suggest to do a study based investing. That would give you higher satisfaction and an achievement kind of a feeling.

Pick Right, Invest Tight and Become Rich!!!

Happy New Year 2020 Guys!