NTR Mahanayakudu – A Movie that teaches you the qualities that a leader should and should not possess. This political life of the legend NTR has got some Drama!

  • Cast: Bala Krishna as Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, Vidya Balan as Basavatarakam, Kalyan Ram as Hari Krishna, Sumanth as ANR and Rana Daggubati as Chandrababu Naidu. 
  • Story, Screenplay and direction: Krish Jagarlamudi
  • Music: MM Keeravani

Not so long ago we had seen the movie NTR Kathanayakudu, the movie life story of India’s first Superstar NT Rama Rao making all the noise at the Box office. Though the money made wasn’t big enough to be called a Hit movie, the story of NTR has touched the hearts of the fans of NTR. There has been a visible change in the theme of the 2nd part after all the action coming from RGV’s Lakshmi’s NTR. The first part was very well accepted by the fans as it was completely on Cinema Life.

But the 2nd part got controversial with two different stories doing the talks about the NTR’s political life.

The movie starts with the recap of the life of NTR from his birth to the time he starts the political party Telugu Desam. NTR flashes the colours on the Wall and designs the Flag of the party telling out the meaning of each element in the Flag. That’s where his political life starts and decides to move across the state of Andhra Pradesh to reach out to the public and understand their issues. It was a wonderfully structured campaign by the NTR and supported by his son and the family.

His speech and his ideas for new schemes had taken the opposition by surprise and they have started to hijack those schemes. NTR crashed off them by saying that he would bring much more change when he gets the power. This way his every speech was a profit for the party and eventually, he becomes the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

Sadly, he had some foxes and snakes in his party who were against the popularity of him and the way the party was handled by NTR. They get together to put him down and wanted to bring him down, which was successful when NTR and wife Basava Tarakam had to visit America for the Medical attention. This is where the movie takes off and every scene was building up the drama. The important role of Nara Chandrababu Naidu played by Rana Daggubati where the director shows the hard work of CBN to keep the party and the MLA’s together in the crisis.

If this is the drama that went around in his political life, his political life also had some fantastic schemes. He was the one to have introduced a scheme where he has given kg rice for 2 rupees. His power kept the naxalism to minimal. He introduced women empowerment schemes wherein he made it mandatory seats for women travellers in the public transport and giving an equal share for women in the property. The major scheme that backfired him from his fellow MLA’s was the Lokayukta Act which enabled any citizen to question any person in power or general person.

The movie could’ve spoken about the life of NTR till his death but it was restricted till the death of his wife Basava Tarakam. This was a high point but the producers played safe by not putting out anything after 1985.

There are obvious controversies about the movie and the way it portrayed CBN and there is no end to that. Even after the Lakshmi’s NTR the controversies wouldn’t stop so moving out of these controversies, I would say that the life of NTR ended on a very bad note, as he entertained his fans as an actor and worked for their development after turning into a politician.  But what he lacked was political understanding, that’s a big mistake. We should work for the people and their wellbeing but we should also be ready to face the consequences and battle them. His determination is what to be appreciated and to be adopted by the people of this generation. Only with the Hard Work, one can achieve his goals, which was proved by him again when he goes for campaigning 2nd time across the State.

Believe and Work hard for your goals and you’ll see them accomplished in no time!