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We are right now recalling 14,500 BC. Around this period two clans took birth, named as Suryavansh and Chandravansh. Truly speaking, Suryavansh or Sola Dynasty is the oldest dynasty. Suryavansh was created by Ikshvaku. While Chandravansh was created by Ila who got married to Buddh, son of Chandra. There is an age gap of 25 years between Ikshvaku and Ila, which is why Solar Dynasty gets created first and later with Ila marrying Buddh son of Chandra, Chandravansh also takes birth.

Masculine and Feminine ways of the ruling:

Like Right-Wing and Left-Wing ideologies, during Vedic days people followed a Feminine or Masculine way of beliefs. Suryavanshi believed in Masculine way of ruling, who are rule obedient and straight forward attitude. On the other side, we had Chandravansh who believed in feminine energy. Feminine energies seek freedom, romance and liberal values.

While Ila is still unmarried, Ikshvaku gets married and also has a son named Kukshi. As per the customs, Kukshi takes over Ikshvaku and becomes the second king of Suryavansh. While Suryavanshis are aggressive and usually had a shorter life span, Chandravanshis lived longer. By the time Ila is blessed with a child and he grows up, Suryavansh has changed 5 kings and have welcomed their 6th King.

Budh and Ila are finally blessed with baby boy Pururava. He is now prepared for battle and kingship. Pururava is the 2nd king from Chandravansh. He forms a new capital city in Uttar Pradesh called Prayag which is today’s Allahabad.

Matching of Suryavansh and Chandravansh:

Thus in 14,250 BC 6th king from Suryavansh and the 2nd King from Chandravansh match. Both the clan rulers ruled the World and performed Raja Yagnas. Never they fought each other.

India’s first-ever Love Story: Pururava and Urvashi

The rich history of dynasties has given us the most respected leaders. Today we will look at 2nd king of Chandravansh ‘Pururava’. Incidentally, Pururava is known for his role in India’s first-ever love story.

One day, a rishi called Nar Narayan was deeply meditating 🧘‍♀️ in the Himalayas. Insecure Indra gets scared looking at arduous meditation of rishi. He orders his two beautiful ‘apsaras’ to go to Bhu Loka and distract Nar Narayan from Tapasya. Then the reversal happens. Nar Narayan creates gorgeous apsara and sends her to Indra with a message that he is not a threat to Devas or Indra.

Amazed by the beauty of apsara, he names her as Urvashi. Born in Bhu Loka, naturally, Urvashi is attached to Bhu Loka. To enjoy the beauty of Bhu Loka, she comes with other apsaras and takes bath in Manas Sarovar. While she is returning, an Asura sees her and falls for her. He forces her for marriage.

Stranded Urvashi runs for life and accidentally meets Pururava. She then narrates her story.
Pururava bravely fights and kills the asura. Urvashi feels delighted and develops feelings for Pururava and so does Pururava. But Urvashi is surrounded by thoughts. Her dharma is to be in Swarga Loka. Forcefully she travels back to Swarga Loka leaving behind her love in Bhu Loka…

Urvashi and Pururava’s unification with few shocking conditions:

One day, Indra will be performing Yagna and all the apsaras are also part of it. As part of the Yagna, everyone is supposed to chant ‘Purushotama’. Urvashi deeply in love chants ‘Pururava’ instead of Purushottama.

Aghast by this, Indra says ‘You will have to go back to Bhu Loka and live a life of a mortal, have kids and only when I want you will come back’.

With no other choice, she goes searching and finally meets Pururava. Overjoyed by seeing Urvashi, he proposes for marriage. She knew that this marriage is a materialistic thing and she needs to go back to Swarga Loka for her Spiritual growth. Keeping all this in mind she puts forward her 3 conditions for marriage:

  1. You need to always take care of my 2 Sheep that am carrying with. If they are missed, I’ll leave you
  2. I will be consuming only ghee.
  3. Neither I should see you naked nor you should see me naked, except while making love.

If any of these conditions are violated, I will leave you says Urvashi. Pururava obliges and both get married.

Happily married but then destiny has its role and plans to fulfil

apsara urvashi and king pururava love story in hindu mythology

Urvashi and Pururava are happily married and blessed with 5 children. Urvashi forgets that she needs to return to Swarga Loka. Indra misses his beautiful apsara and wants her back. Since he is God. He knows the conditions; he plans to take away the sheep.

Indra comes to Bhu Loka during the night and tries to steal the sheep, but while doing so, accidentally he falls creating a noise. This alerts Pururava and Urvashi who were involved in lovemaking at that time. Pururava rushes outside naked to see Indra with sheep and brings them back to Urvashi.

Urvashi sees him with her pitiful eyes. She knew that the time is up and she needs to go back to Swarga Loka. Pururava is naked when he runs for sheep and she sees him naked when he returns. That puts an end to their relationship.

Amavasu, the child of Urvashi and Pururava succeeds Pururava and becomes the 3rd king of Chandravansh.