Vedas coming back into the Indian Education System is the best thing from NEP!

Indian Knowledge and Education systems are about to get revamped and will be redesigned like never before. Indian education is only going to go back to its roots. Something that India, rather Bharat was practising centuries ago. But due to the colonisation of India and the colonisation of our education, a wilful elimination of Indian practises, the education systems have been redundant and promoted external ideas with fake narratives. Now with the nationalist party in the centre, they have put out the promise to bring the core values of India and the one big decision is the New Education Policy.

For the last 5 days running, I have been sitting for a Faculty Development Programme called Ātmanirbhara Bhārata: India in the 21st Century. Through these classes, I am ‘learning’ which is letting me to rediscover the value of our Historic Indian Education and its Systems.

Some points I want to bring out which I have gathered from these sessions:

  • We all know one point and we cannot disagree with it no matter what is our ideology. That is the Indian education system was deliberately sabotaged by the Europeans and the British Empire. It was a slow and planned approach to eliminate and disintegrate the learning methods & techniques of India.
  • The attempt was to kill the Vedas and completely leave them with no traces. But that never happened. We are still in touch with our Vedas and draw every inch of the highest level of learning.
  • Wasn’t it the Muslims or Barbarians who invaded India much earlier than the Europeans? That’s right. It was the invaders from Persia and the Middle East who had conquered and wreaked havoc in our country.
  • The Sapt Sindhu country Bharat had suffered the most under the control of rulers from Persia. The unbearable damage had been done on the universities. India was the land for the first-ever university ‘Takshashila’ or ‘Taxila’.
  • Founded in the year 600 BC, Taxila was famous for all the subjects. It was the World’s first university. Like that Bharat was the country for 7 famous universities.

Takshashila - the first, finest, and oldest known university in the world - PGurus

Here goes the list:

  1. Taxila – 600 BC to 450 CE
  2. Valabhi – 535 CE to 787 CE (1st Uni to start for women’s education)
  3. Nalanda – 450 CE to 1203 CE
  4. Vikramshila – 800 CE to 1203 CE
  5. Odantapuri – 760 CE to 1203 CE
  6. Jagaddala – 1100 CE to 1203 CE
  7. Somapura – 800 CE to 1203 CE

Destruction – A planned and well-articulated one by the INVADERS!

If you are wondering the dates on the right side are all 1203 CE, you are thinking right. All the universities were brought down. 5 Universities were deliberately vandalized. The most fascinating fact is even after the demolition of the universities the crux of Indian education prevailed. Because as they famously say, ‘one can take away the life of a person, but one cannot demolish the wealth of knowledge’. This quote did prove to be true in the case of India and its Education. While this is fascinating, the captivating & satisfying fact is ‘India never intruded or invaded any other country’, whether you can see it or not.

One intriguing event that India is planning for is to bring back the Vedas and Vedic learning. I had the opportunity to listen to the great minds of India in modern education and Vedic education. Professors with international exposure and the new PhD graduates have all welcomed this move. A move that enables the students to learn with no restrictions and experience the real sense of learning.

Not so long ago, a student was bound to learn as decided by the institution. Incoming Reversal…

Vedic Education to children

From now the student will have the freedom and right to ask for the subjects he or she wants to read. This will make the students more innovative and increase their intellect level. Most importantly, this will bring back Vedic ideas and their methods of learning. The quality of teaching will suddenly jump to new heights.

All this is not exaggeration but the roadmap and the path set by the new education policy. I feel there is nothing better than the Vedas, Upanishads and Ithihasas to develop an individual both intellectually and spiritually. All through, there was the element of spirituality missing in the schools and colleges. We have schools in every corner of the country with no importance given to quality.

  • “Sanskrit scriptures and Vedas – the most auspicious and the language of gods will make it’s grand come back”.

In conclusion, the 15 days FDP programme is acting as the biggest change agent. Certainly, it has increased interest in the Vedas of this beautiful country of mine, ‘Bharat’. The Vedas are coming back, so will the real learning.