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My trip to Ahmedabad

Bhuj wasn’t a trip for a break or having fun filled holiday. It was my continuous act of learning outside my daily activities. A trip which is a part of my own “Discover India” through my eyes and explore India. This short trip is very special for goodness it had in it and the people that I had met during the trip. No, I haven’t met any kind of leader or a famous person, I met two Cab drivers. Both who are different in their approach but are battling out the struggles in their own way. These two are the ones who became part of my journey and the learning started right from the moment I sat in the Car.

All I want to tell about those two is the truthfulness and approach that they have in life. For someone who is from a village in Rajasthan and other one who is from a village in Bhuj and to have such will power is amazing. We know that everyone in this world has some problems. There are three kinds of people: people who give up, people who fight it out and people who are not even bothered and live an ignorant life.

Who is the right person in both? I leave it to you to decide!

This trip also allowed me to hear to problems of people and the reasons for it. That also made me to think on how I can be a part in solving those problems. Let me now talk about the places I visited in my 2 days trip to Gujarat. Below are listed places and each place I will post separately with pictures album wise.

Every minute of the trip was taking me to different thoughts about life, nature and the other man-created events. Everything was again linked to development. Not the roads, banks, hospitals but the development of Human Being.

Day 1 – Bhuj

1st Place: The Great Rann of Kutch
2nd Place: Vijay Vilas Palace
3rd Place: Mandvi Beach

Day 2 – Ahmedabad

1st Place – Sabarmati Ashram
2nd Place – Auto World Vintage Car Museum
3rd Place – Kankaria Lake

Each place had its own significance and relevance. Go to albums for pictures of different places.

Overall, it was an experience that filled my heart on learning and experiencing things. This was an ideal holiday which brought be back a lot richer and wiser!