Chapter 14 Guna Triya Vibhaga Yoga Verse 25

Maam cha yo’vyabhichaarena bhaktiyogena sevate;Sa gunaan samateetyaitaan brahmabhooyaaya kalpate.

And he who serves Me with unswerving devotion, he, crossing beyond the qualities, is fit for becoming Brahman.


After talking about many of the external qualities that one should overcome in order to reach Brahman, Lord Krishna in this shloka talks about the qualities that one needs to posses in the person himself to become a Brahman. He talks about unswerving devotion. Unswerving devotion here means the attention that one has towards the Lord which is constant and which never changes. A person who serves the Lord with that unswerving mind and devotion, if he does that forgetting all the qualities of the three gunas of sattvik, Rajasik and Tamasic such a person alone can be deemed fit to become Brahman. 

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Can a human become a Brahman? Different religions answer it differently. There are religions which say that human and God are two different entities and whatever you do, you can never become the Brahman. They also categorizes people and say that some of them can become Prophets or Mahatmas but they can be never accorded the status of God. There are some other religions especially Hinduism which stresses a lot of emphasis on a human and says that a human when he acquires spirituality worth enough to be God then he can be accorded the status of God.

According to some schools of thought in Hinduism, Brahman and Atman are the same, and when Atman realizes Brahman, it merges into Brahman and thus becomes Brahman. The atman in the process loses its identity. So, if we follow these steps in the evolution of a human, a person who serves God with constant devotion towards Him, not thinking about any other things merges into Brahman. The other point is, what is the meaning of serving the God? Serving the God here means devoting himself to God through whatever actions you do. 

We do karmas till the time we are in this world. But many of our karmas are pre-defined. Like a Tamasic person does karmas for his pleasure, Rajasik person for power and Sattvik person for others and knowledge sake. But the one does Karmas in the name of God, even if they are not directly connected to worshiping God and does those actions with unswerving attention, not bringing anyone else in his mind, and not looking ant any pleasure or benefit for himself or for others, that person alone can realize God and can become Brahman, says Lord Krishna.