Chapter 16 Daivasura Sampad Vibhaga Yoga Verse 1

Sri Bhagavaan Uvaacha:
Abhayam sattwasamshuddhih jnaanayogavyavasthitih;
Daanam damashcha yajnashcha swaadhyaayastapa aarjavam.

The Blessed Lord said:
Fearlessness, purity of heart, steadfastness in Yoga and knowledge, alms-giving, control of the senses, sacrifice, the study of scriptures, austerity and straightforwardness….


This is the beginning of the 16th Chapter of Srimad Bhagavad Gita which is termed as “Daivasura Sampad Vibhaga Yoga” or “The Yoga of division between the Divine and Demonic”. This is a 3 part shloka where Lord Krishna is talking about the virtues of a person who has saintly qualities. The first part of the shloka talks about the qualities like fearlessness, purity of heart and steadfastness in Yoga and knowledge. Lord also says that the virtuous person has the quality of giving alms, he has control on all his senses, he has the ability to sacrifice, studies scriptures, maintaining simplicity and straightforwardness in the behaviour also as the qualities required for a person who has saintly virtues. 

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

This Yoga is about the daivic and demonic qualities that an individual has on his personality. The challenge in attaining moksha is to one by one get rid of all the demonic qualities and replace them with daivic qualities. Daivic or saintly qualities are the pre-requisites for understanding the almighty. If we look at them, Fearlessness, purity of heart and steadfastness in Yoga and knowledge. He should not be afraid of speaking and standing up for truth, he should have a pure heart which is minus of ill-will for anyone and he should always be a seeker of knowledge. 

The second line of the verse talks about this person having control on all his senses and doesn’t get attracted by money or material wealth. He should have a sense of sacrifice where he is ready to give up everything to perform his dharma. Lord also talks about the person reading scriptures. Reading is a very important habit for seeking knowledge and nothing can substitute for reading. When you read something for the second time, the dimension you get of that will be different. The more and more we read the more and wiser one gets. That will make him to lead a simple life and that also installs the quality of being a straight forward person.