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Chapter 16 Daivasura Sampad Vibhaga Yoga Verse 15

Aadhyo’bhijanavaanasmi ko’nyosti sadrisho mayaa; Yakshye daasyaami modishye ityajnaanavimohitaah.

“I am rich and born in a noble family. Who else is equal to me? I will sacrifice. I will give charity. I will rejoice,” —thus, deluded by ignorance,


This shloka will see Lord telling few more things about the demonic natured people. He starts the shloka by mentioning about a rich person who is born in a noble family. He is proud of his birth in that family and thinks that nobody can be equated to him and he is above everyone in everything that he does. He also starts feeling that he can give sacrifices to any other noble person. He also feels that he will give money to poor and needy in his name and that would, in turn, bring popularity to him. This is nothing but ignorance and illusion says, Lord Krishna. 

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

How can a person born in a rich and noble family be demonic in nature? As we have already discussed in the previous chapters, the soul decides to make an entry into the body through its own assessment and without using any senses. So, there can be situations where the soul does make an entry into the wrong womb. Thus you will have a Tamasic person born to a Sattvik father. If that family is noble, he is one person who doesn’t suit to the family, but he demands respect and attention from that family. Instead of learning good things from the family, he will learn things only to use it for the purpose of earning money.

Example for such people is those who do learn Vedic Astrology from the family but end up commercializing it for the sake of earning. They make it into a big business. Second is about giving charity. Charity is usually given as a part of a ritual, but many people give that for their own name, fame and their enjoyment. You would be seeing people organizing lunch in the honour of a politician or a businessman. On whose name it is done? It is done only in the name of that person only but not God. In this world all humans are equal and worship is something that needs to be done only to God. Demonic minds forget this and want people to worship them.