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Chapter 9 Raja Guhya Yoga Verse 7

Mayaa’dhyakshena prakritih sooyate sacharaacharam;

Hetunaa’nena kaunteya jagadwiparivartate.


Under Me as supervisor, Nature produces the moving and the unmoving;

because of this, O Arjuna, the world revolves!


After talking about the actions that don’t bind Him, Lord Krishna in this sloka talks about all the living and non-living beings on this planet. In the first part of the sloka Lord Krishna says that under His supervision, Nature works on creation of the living and non-living beings. Nature which is under the control of God is responsible for all the moving and unmoving things in this World. He says that because of the nature and its efforts only the World is revolving. Revolving here means moving.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Nature is the mix of all the moving and unmoving things in this World. What is nature? In sanskrit Nature means Prakruthi. Next question is, is the nature different from God? The answer is Yes. One should understand the fact that nature itself was the creation of God. Nature is what you see around. Then the next question that comes to your mind is, how is nature different from the moving and unmoving objects that are there in this Universe? Nature is the seed and all the moving and unmoving beings are the fruits of that seed.

Let me explain in simple words. Take any fruit, whether its Apple, or grape or watermelon or mango. What you see is the fruit. But how did that fruit come? To know the answer for it, you need to cut that fruit. Then you will see the seed. It is that seed which gave the fruit. So, if the seed is not there then there is no fruit. In the same way, what you see around you are the moving and unmoving entities. The seed for that is the nature. To see the nature you need to cut open all moving and unmoving beings, which is impossible for a human.

This is the secret. The secret revealed in this sloka is the seed which is created by God, is called as nature. This nature is alone responsible for the whole world to revolve. The moving beings in this world are all the animals and the micro organisms and the unmovable objects are the soil, rocks and the vegetation. Together both constitute the nature and the God is the Lord of all this and through nature he moves or revolves all the movable and unmovable beings in this universe.