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We all know what is the most debated and the burning topic in the Country for the last few days. Rape of a 26-year-old veterinary doctor in the prime hours by four men and killing her for just a momentary lust. As a society, we have failed and that’s no surprise. No doubt, there must be a punishment which will stand as an example and which detest the thought of committing such a crime. After the incident, all of India has come together and is furiously waiting for justice as quickly as possible. I hope for the same. But Nirbhaya’s case details and the way it is handled don’t encourage me though.

Let me write down my opinion on this unfortunate incident that stirred the conscience of the nation. As the news came out and as I started to digest the news, I was filled with anger and only anger. But as days passed, my thoughts moved to multiple directions. Firstly, looking at the 4 accused, 3 of them look like kids and nobody would ever expect them to commit such a crime. I even heard parents of the accused supporting the public and asking for harsh punishment on their kids. Maybe if those parents had punished these accused in their childhood and brought them up properly, this kind of event wouldn’t have happened.

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Secondly, the factor of gender sensitization is completely missing in the people. When we watch movies we are shown the Male actors as ‘Macho’ and Female actors as someone who is living in the protected shield of male actors. Not all movies are the same, but the maximum movies are Male dominating and female suppressing movies. With the highest number of families in India coming from the lower middle class and lower economic class, these movies have a big impact on them. Most people from these backgrounds wouldn’t want to watch serious and thought-provoking movies, but prefer this kind of masala entertainers. These masala entertainers are famous for showing Hero winning the hand of Heroine by hook or crook.

Now coming to Online Media, with the increased affordability of mobile phones and the reduction in the cost of data on smartphones, a large number of people are becoming habituated to them. A 4-inch screen gadget with unlimited data brings in a lot of unwanted content. There is no control on the content published and watching that will have a very bad impact on the teenagers.

But is porn not banned in India?

Oh yes, which is why the recent news reported 8 million people searched for Hyderabad victim in various porn sites.

That’s the mindset of some Indians for you. We also have people who take this kind of incidents as a tool to propagate something untrue. Like making statements such as this country is the most unsafe in the world, we cannot go out in the public, women are treated like slaves and etc. Beware of such kind of people as well. Don’t be a herd, be a person with the right attitude. Like bad apples there are bad humans in every society, we have to either change them or throw them out.

But this is also true that to be a proud nation which is incredible, diverse we must give safety to women who constitute half of our population. This is only possible by bringing in a grass root level changes in our system. Our education system should be more value bases and even our media, social media should be more responsible for the content that it shows.

Our education system should have subjects dealing with human behaviour and emotions, taught to everyone. Because it’s no big deal becoming a most successful businessman or an IPS officer or a Doctor, but being a good human with selfless, harmless, helpful and a pure attitude is the biggest achievement.