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Politics – While some feel it is funny, some see it exciting. While some of us feel it’s useless, some of us are attached to it. Whatever we feel the politics in India will never stop to excite us with the drama that is as competitive as the script written by some of the top directors in our movie industry.

What we have witnessed in the last 35 days from the financial capital of the country – Mumbai can be written into a book titled lessons to learn from politics. As we are coming to the end of this Maha Drama even the plants and animals would be humming the parties names and would be discussing the strategies of forming the govt (just kidding).

Nevertheless, it all started on October 24th 2019 on the day of counting. The same day both Maharashtra and Haryana were up for counting, forming govt in Haryana seemed tough as no party could get an absolute majority. In Maharashtra, it was easy as prepoll coalition by BJP+Shiva Sena got a majority on its own winning 161 out of 288 seats and seemed like forming Govt. Everyone thought Haryana will take time but in 2-days BJP had come to an agreement with JJP and formed the BJP+JJP Govt.

Maha Drama in Maharashtra had taken its baby steps with Shiv Sena reminding BJP of the promise they made before Parliament elections of sharing the power 50-50. Shiva Sena wanted to share CM chair for 2.5 years with BJP. BJP denied any agreement on sharing CM chair with Shiva Sena, but things started to go in an unexpected direction as parties were not ready to give up on their demands. NCP and Congress patiently waited for any opportunity and it knocked their doors. Shiva Sena called off the coalition with BJP and started a different story with NCP and Congress.

So a friend of BJP for more than 35+ years has ditched it right after elections – just for power. NCP and Congress played the waiting game to accept the request of Shiva Sena. After rejecting Governor’s request for forming Govt BJP looked like a loser. But very next day Shiv Sena failed to form Govt, NCP failed to form Govt. One would always argue the time given to other parties in forming govt against the time given to BJP. Governor will only answer the blame against him.

The next twist came when after a long pause in the story, NCP, Shiv Sena and Congress finally decided to come together and form the Govt. Everything looked certain, BJP was in no hopes to come back in Maharashtra. But then the bigger twist came on Saturday early morning. Ajit Pawar from NCP joined hands with BJP and took oath as Deputy CM. Fadnavis had become CM for yet another time. Even PM Modi had tweeted congratulating both Fadnavis and Ajith Pawar. NCP felt betrayed, Congress felt cheated and Shiva Sena could feel the slap on their face. That’s when the NCP’s big boy Sharad Pawar, the main man behind all this took the centre stage. His family drama had suddenly hit Ajith Pawar and brought him back to NCP. Today in an unexpected manner Ajith Pawar resigned and gave up his support for BJP to join back the damaged NCP.


CM Fadnavis could sight the events getting unfolded and knew that they are of no help for BJP. This brought his CM stint to an end in just 3 days. All this drama with high-pressure tactics, trading of MLA’s – literally, multiple strategies are hopefully coming to an end on Dec 1st, the day when the 3 party coalition is all set to form the govt with Uddhav as CM of Maharashtra. I really hope that there are no more twists and turns in this story.

Uddhav Thackeray to be CM of Maharashtra after all the dramatic ups and downs in this 35-day long Govt Formation tussle.


Note: Everything written in this post is purely based on facts. All the apolitical discussions between parties are not part of this post. But it is for everyone to understand. 

Nobody is a friend and nobody is a foe in politics. Once an enemy can be your friend next second, the same friend can turn into an enemy very next minute. That’s politics for you.

Which is why I say don’t try this in your life!!!