Sage Vishwamitra got defeated and had given away half of his ‘Tapah power’ to Harishchandra after failing to prove him as an unworthy king. This badly hits the ego of Vishwamitra. He understands that he is just a Rajarshi and he needs to climb up the ladder to become Brahmarishi and equal to Vashista. He takes up a resolve to become a ‘Brahmarishi’. He needs to go two levels above to the highly knowledgeable Vasishtha. With a determination to achieve the tag of Brahmarishi, Vishwamitra sits on Tapasya.

But, Indra from Swarga Loka is watching this and is concerned. He feels if Vishwamitra gets the ultimate powers, he will first target me and my authority. He will surely want to dethrone me and become the king of Swarga Loka. Fearing this, he strategies to use his apsara Menaka as a distraction. Menaka doesn’t like the idea, but as the apsara of King Indra, she is supposed to follow King’s orders. Menaka has now got the resolve of distracting Vishwamitra.

Vishwamitra’s resolve versus Menaka’s resolve – Who will win fulfil their mission?

Vishwamitra is diligently sitting in Tapasya, meditating in full attention to attain the highest source of knowledge. That is when Menaka lands in Bhu Loka and looks at Vishwamitra. The very first sight on Vishwamitra impresses her and she instantly falls in love with him. She completely forgets what she has come for and instead, she starts to clean the place. Surroundings were full of trees and plants as it is a forest. So, she cleans and plants different varieties of plants with a nice fragrance of flowers. Slowly plants grow and flowers blossom. There comes a time when the flowers are fully grown and smelling very scented.

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The fragrance is so aromatic that, Vishwamitra comes out of Tapasya. As he opens eyes, he sees Maneka at his feet and he also falls in love with her. After this, he completely forgets his goal and asks her who is she? Maneka says she has come to serve him and she has been doing this for many days. She proposes for marriage, Vishwamitra shares the same vibe and accepts the marriage. Both of them get married live very happily.

After a few years of marriage, they are blessed with a baby Shakuntala. Maneka is very happy in the relationship and feels life is going smoothly. She loves the way Vishwamitra takes care of Shakuntala. Years pass and suddenly after 10 years Maneka gets a comeback call from Indra. A moment of sadness has arrived, Maneka has no other option. She decides to discuss with Vishwamitra. She goes to him, Shakuntala is playing with her father.

A Happy marriage gets busted out by Indra and leaves Maneka broken…

Maneka says I need to talk to you and sends daughter out. Vishwamitra asks what is it? Maneka reveals that she is Indra’s apsara, Vishwamitra says I know that but now you are mine as you are married to me. Maneka opens up and says she had come only because ‘Indra’ sent. This angers Vishwamitra, but he asks her to continue. She explains her purpose of coming and her resolve to distract Vishwamitra from becoming Brahmarishi. That’s when Vishwamitra feels cheated and continues to fume with anger.

Maneka says I wanted to distract you, but the moment I saw you I fell in love with you. Please understand me, I will take whatever punishment you want to give. Vishwamitra realises his mistake and feels suffocated. He knows that he had wasted 10 years of his life. His dream of becoming Brahmarishi got halted. Maneka repeatedly says she genuinely loves Vishwamitra.

‘Oh, so you love me so much! This is my curse to you, ‘You will never get to see me again’. As soon as Vishwamitra says this Maneka disappears and reaches Swarga Loka. Indra is happy that she did her job, but Maneka is broken and stays isolated for a long time. Here in Bhu Loka, Vishwamitra sees his daughter Shakuntala playing happily. She is as beautiful as mother Maneka. He understands that she is his only relation. But he can’t hold on the responsibility of the father. Vishwamitra is suddenly a changed person and he wants to quickly achieve his goal of Brahmarishi.

Kanva Maharishi comes to the rescue of Vishwamitra – Adopts Shakuntala

Years ago, during happy days of Vishwamitra and Maneka, Kanva Maharishi visits their home and sees Shakuntala. That day Kanva Maharishi asks Shakuntala for adoption, but Maneka disagrees. Vishwamitra remembers this conversation and goes to Kanva Maharishi’s Ashram. Kanva Maharishi is happy but at the same time, he sees worried Vishwamitra. Vishwamitra says I wouldn’t want to tell anything but I have a request to make. Can you please adopt my daughter? asks Vishwamitra.

Kanva Maharishi feels happy and says she will be treated like my own daughter and will be given everything that she deserves, starting from education to marriage. Hearing to this, Vishwamitra feels relieved and happy. He then decides to go back and give a restart to his mission.

Vishwamitra is hurt, broken from inside but is pushing himself to achieve his biggest mission in life. A mission to become Brahmarishi! Will he succeed?