Happiness is a feeling of fulfilment or pleasure. We draw our happiness from near & dear. We feel happy by watching something, listening to music, talking to someone, cheering for your favourite team and celebrating their victory. You feel happy that your friend started a new venture, you feel happy when your brother cracks a competitive exam, you feel happy for your parents for various reasons. All this is the happiness that we draw from external elements.

There is another beautiful way of feeling happy and that’s self-happiness. Feeling happy about yourself or happiness that is drawn from within. Most of the times our happiness is external, we derive happiness from external elements.

But the moment you derive a happy feeling from within that’s a magical feeling. You feel the real happiness, you get a feeling of being content. Of course, you will be somebody else’s happiness. But that’s not going to come at the cost of your happiness. You cannot forgo your life dreams to fulfil your teams, your family or your friend’s dreams leading to happiness. This is the unnoticed mistake that we humans do.

A True Happiness | Lisa McCrohan

Ask yourself when was the last time you felt happy about yourself? What was the reason behind that?

Hopefully, you have an answer ready with you. Suppose if you had a moment of self-happiness during last week and last month, you are doing a great job. If it was more than a month then it’s a worrying thing. This is just based on my experience. Nothing quoted here is based on research or psychologist. It’s purely my experience.

Now, what can be self-happiness? Something that is internally created. In self-happiness what matters the most is ‘YOU’. Okay, for those who think this is selfishness, selfishness is no concern for others. But self-happiness is considering everyone and everything. A selfish one is the one who doesn’t like to help, involve others and does things closely towards goals.

Whereas self-happiness driven person is open, wanting to learn & explore life. Few examples: self-happiness is mostly connected to achievements made by yourself. Finishing a course, reading or writing a book, driving a huge campaign, learning new things, travelling and anything else that’s for you.

All I want to say is the moment you do something that is ‘your own feeling’ you work hard for it with discipline and achieve it. Create more instances in your life where you are deciding on what makes you happy and fulfilling it. You cannot always seek happiness from external elements. Remember to keep your soul happy. Think within and follow your soul, it’ll tell you if what you are doing will lead to self-happiness or external happiness.

Finally, this concept is hard and with every achievement it gets harder. So be wise to decide, if you are a person of self-happiness or external happiness. In the end, though, Leading happy life matters the most!

– Sriram Speaks